Some pictures from here and there with friends and colleagues...

Conferences are the best places for meeting the friends... Here some pictures taken around the world over the last few years.
The MCDM International conference in 2000, Ankara, Turkey.
During the MOPGP'02 International conference, Nara, Japan. After a talk at Kyoto University, with Prof. Naoki Katoh (Kyoto, Japan)
The EMO'03 International conference, Faro, Portugal. During the poster session with Prof. Carlos Coello Coello (Mexico city, Mexico) and Dr. Carlos Brizuela (Ensenada, Mexico).
During my sabbatical at Kyoto University, 2004. After a talk at Konan University (Kobe), with Prof. Hirotaka Nakayama (Kobe, Japan), Prof. Naoki Katoh (Kyoto, Japan) and Prof. Tetsuo Tanino (Osaka, Japan).
The MOPGP International conference in 2004, Hamamet, Tunisia.
The EMO'05 International conference, Guanajuato, Mexico. My plenary talk.
During the EMO'05 International conference, Guanajuato, Mexico.
The MIC'05 International conference, Vienna, Austria. My plenary talk.
The ROADEF'05 OR national conference in 2005, Tours, France.
Before the EMO'09 International conference, Nantes, France.
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