The MOCO Numerical Instances Library

A collection of test instances for Multiobjective Combinatorial Optimization problems

MCDMlib is a collection of test data sets for a variety of Multiobjective optimization problems. Originaly the MCDMlib was dedicated to MultiObjective Combinatorial Optimization (MOCO) problems. Since 2010, the MOCOlib is the MCDMlib section devoted to MOCO problems.

These test data sets can be accessed via the WWW using the links below.
Advance notice

This collection of test instances has been created in 1998. Unfortunately, the MCDMlib has been closed in 2007 and deleted by the host without archiving the website. Do not refer any longer the old URL ( which is definitively dead.

Due to the important number of requests, the MCDMlib is coming back (July 28, 2010). The right URL to save in your bookmark and to refer is Step by step, the data files from the former MCDMlib will be reloaded here. I will rewrite later a short text describing the problem considered, the format of instances and more (e.g. the set of non dominated points when it is available).

I would specially thanks my former doctoral students who helped me to restore the website: Dr. Xavier Delorme (assistant professor, Ecole des mines de Saint Etienne), Dr. Anthony Przybylski (assistant professor, University of Nantes) and Dr. Julien Jorge (software engineer, Nantes).

MOCOlib is a collection of test data for a variety of MultiObjective Combinatorial Optimization (MOCO) problems of the MCDMlib. This collection is inspirated from the OR-Library originally described in J.E.Beasley, "OR-Library: distributing test problems by electronic mail", Journal of the Operational Research Society 41(11) (1990) pp1069-1072.
The description of the library and the test data are available using the following link:
NB: Currently we are involved on the workpackage "Analysis of instances of MOCO problems, library of instances" of the ANR research project "Guepard". A new version of the library is expected for the coming months, again much more interesting and rich!
Test instances available online

MOLAP: Multiobjective Linear Assigment Problems (working on it)
MOKP: Multiobjective Knapsack Problems
MOSCP: Multiobjective Set Covering Problems
MOSPP: Multiobjective Set Packing Problems
Some papers mentioning the MCDMlib

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If you are author of a paper where the MCDMlib is mentioned, please send me an email with the corresponding reference. It will be added here.
Some PhD thesis mentioning the MCDMlib

Xavier DELORME. Modélisation et résolution de problèmes liés à l'exploitation d'infrastructures ferroviaires (in french). PhD thesis, University of Valenciennes, France. 2003.

Anthony PRZYBYLSKI. Méthode en deux phases pour la résolution exacte de problèmes d'optimisation combinatoire comportant plusieurs objectifs : nouveaux développements et application au problème d'affectation linéaire (in french). PhD thesis, University of Nantes, France. 2006.

Julien JORGE. Nouvelles propositions pour la résolution exacte du problème de sac-à-dos multiobjectif unidimensionnel en variables binaires (in french). PhD thesis, University of Nantes, France. 2010.

If you have used the MCDMlib for your PhD thesis, please send me an email with the corresponding reference. It will be added here.

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